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About Us

Chocolate, in its different Available types (Dark, Milk and White) is considered one of the most popular eatables in the world. It is usually considered the most and most likely the only- main source used in many Sweets and Cocoa based food types. Cocoa is natural vegetarian material, normally extracted from the American-originated Cocoa Tree, which has spread lately to be grown all over the World.

Chocolate manufacturing industry has been developed and extended recently all over the world, it look many shapes and followed many procedures in which you can find Chocolate a major part of many sweet Items nowadays.

Chocolate has many useful effects of Human's health, It is considered an alimental source of high value, in addition to it's positive effects on Human Physiological actions on those who eat it rapidly. It has been considered a very nice and loving gift in happy occasions and memories, and draws a very happy impression in the heart of those who receives it as gift.

We in Parfai and and through our long Experience in this field; use the best raw material imported from the biggest International Companies for Cocoa dough, paste and Butter, Then we process this best raw material in our labs automatically using our unique innovative, deeply-rooted and artistic way to Produce for you our fabulous, unique and delicious Swiss Chocolate in an eastward flavor; and built upon using the latest International ideas and trends followed by the Chocolate Pioneers in the world. This Chocolate which you can only find it's taste, shape and wrapping in our Shops.

Parfai for Swiss Chocolate, luxurious eastward Sweets and Gifts. Please be our guest … Visit us … you are most welcomed

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